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SENT was an ambitious transnational project gathering 70 partner universities from around the world. It’s main goal was to provide a comprehensive, comparative, cross national and cross-disciplinary picture of the developments in European studies in the EU member states and in other countries alike. Its second objective was to contribute to raising awareness abroad of the relevance of such studies and, in so doing, further promote them. SENT also suggested how and where it would be advisable to focalize future efforts. The project’s third objective was in the field of didactics, and it focused on promoting innovative teaching methods of European studies, by exporting interactive and innovative teaching methodologies used elsewhere. At the same time it promoted noteworthy teaching methodologies developed within the EU, like the Maastricht’s PBL (problem base learning).

The SENT mapped the state of the discipline in European studies by undertaking their comprehensive review over the last decades in the different disciplines: law, political science, economics, cultural studies and history. The mapping was organized by discipline, and, within each discipline, by geographical area.

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